Blockchain and digital tokens:

Innovative technology that will streamline your online legal offer

Efficient distribution of legal documentation

No middle-man required to access clients

Instantaneous and cost-effective

No tampering of your legal documentation – complete control


Internet 2.0


Internet 3.0

Disrupting the disruptors

Internet 2.0

Lawyers are out!

An explosion of online vendors selling low-quality legal services and template documents. Their ultimate objective: To replace lawyers

Internet 3.0

Online vendors are out!

Lawyers are back at the center of the game, cutting out the middle-man and interacting directly with clients to provide a seamless online legal service

Contribute to the development of legal AI and create a future source of revenue

Based on AI processes

The legal industry of the future will use complex AI processes to better determine and satisfy clients' needs

Get Rewarded

Be rewarded for contributing your legal knowledge to the development of an efficient AI ecosystem

Connect directly with new clients and lawyers worldwide

Traditional websites and online directories will soon be outdated and inefficient for growing your business

The Advoretto blockchain-native platforms will revolutionize the way clients discover and interact with lawyers online

Soft Launch on Oct 1

The practice of law shall always belong to lawyers

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